3D Gallery June: Manfred Schrober

MIX and MATCH:  10 years journey in clay
Manfred is pleased to share with you his artistic journey in clay.  After 25 years as an innovative hair stylist in Sydney, Manfred found another direction to channel his talents. His inspiration comes from his many travels overseas and interstate where he loves collecting and searching for unusual contemporary artistic forms or expressions. Those finds are translated in his creations by a constant search in combining the figurative and abstract forms, often merging the two in his unique fanciful creatures. Manfred says that “Every time he opens the kiln room, another individual different piece of artworks pops in his mind and needs to be formed”.

Many of his works are represented on the coast galleries and collected by connoisseurs. Be ready to be surprised as this show brings together a vast selection of his diverse, often bordering pop art original and colourful creations.

Manfred’s solo exhibition is on from 2nd to 28th June at the Harbourside Gallery, Noosa Marina. The gallery is open daily from 10 to 4pm. The opening is on Saturday 7th June 4pm.

Manfred and his lady of the roses

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Guest Artist June: Marnie Morat

Artist Marnie Morat, her husband and three children moved to Noosa from New Caledonia over a year ago, having spent 20 years living on the South Pacific island. Her paintings, once influenced by tropical sceneries are now adapting to the beautiful coastlines of the Sunshine Coast and specifically the colourful scenes of Noosa.

Her fun watercolour and acrylic paintings use bright colours and bold lines to depict the flora, fauna and seascapes, that she says, « made me fall in love with this region of Australia My family and I love surfing, and we would come here every year for the Noosa Festival of Surfing, until one year we decided to call it home.

Marnie, who originates from Perth, studied and worked as a graphic designer, but now uses her time to illustrate books and to create paintings of the people and places that inspire her. She has just completed a series of humorous charcoal drawings inspired by the heroes of Australia’s coast- our Surf Lifesavers.This will be Marnie’s 8th solo exhibition, but first ever in Australia, with many of her originals and prints sold internationally. Her paintings are a fun, colourful celebration of life and her exhibitions are not to be missed.  If you would like to see some of Marnie’s past works visit her website www.marniemorat.com.



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Solo Exhibition for June Simon Victor Neale



“Nature Morte – a very still life”.


With this selection of recent works, the artist has presented a vision of still life painting which aims to coax consideration, reflection and meditation from the viewer.

These works extend modernist concerns based on simple forms, muted colours and shallow non-specific space. In traditional still life painting, it is the objects selected and their arrangement and relationships to one another that matter.

It is the artist`s job to select and present these objects to us in worthwhile ways to enhance the viewing experience. The artist openly acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of his forebears; Matisse, Picasso, Gris, Cezanne and Giorgio Morandi.

Quite simply stated; ”Still life painting is a balancing act, between simple representation of objects and the exploration of other, more painterly concerns, such as technical and decorative aims”.

These paintings represent an art of evolution rather than revolution, and as such, contain no bombastic, grandiose or “ironic” elements. Instead, they seek to affirm the austere beauty of everyday objects and act as a vehicle to display the traditional virtues of oil paints on a two dimensional surface

Simon`s still-life ptgs 029

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Guest artists:  Kristy Smith, Jill Harris and Shirley Beekhuis 

Kristy Smith, Jill Harris and Shirley Beekhuis are guest artists at Harbourside Gallery for the month of May.  Jill and Shirley have been painting together for several years now and share a love of Noosa yet are diverse in style and subject matter.

Jill Harris:  Jill has been influenced by Lake Weyba for this exhibition and says   “Lake Weyba is so peaceful at daybreak.  Mists swirl, pelicans glide silently by. The birdlife is prolific.  A flock of ibis feed together, poking about in the shallows.  Mangroves line the shores of the lake nurturing its wildlife.  This pristine area stirs the emotions of many of us”.

Jill and husband Craig moved to Noosa from New Zealand six years ago to join their family here. After her years of painting in New Zealand Jill was keen to continue her art in Noosa and soon found a group at Noosa Arts and Crafts who share a love of art.  They meet each week at Wallace House or en plein air to paint together.

Shirley Beekhuis has drawn on her native homeland and the magic of the African bush and its wildlife to complement the combined exhibition. There is such excitement and anticipation  in spotting game in any one of the sub-Saharan national parks, and in trying to capture images on camera.  This has inspired Shirley to paint her present series.  But of course, there is so much beauty in the Australian landscape, so many subjects for painting right here in our Noosa area and hinterland.  Since settling here nearly 20 years ago with her husband  Wim, Shirley has spent many happy hours capturing local scenes.  She and her fellow artists and friends are often seen painting outdoors.

Kristy Smith was the child that sat quietly in the corner happily just making something out of nothing. She was always looking for ways to make something pretty or something useful while the other kids played outside. Growing up there was never any doubt in anyone’s  mind that being artistic and creative was going to be her chosen career path.

Kristy spent 10 years overseas living on and exploring tropical islands in the South Pacific. It was this environment that resulted in Kristy’s art work becoming predominately about movement and emotion. Kristy believes every piece should evoke a strong feeling of emotion and a desire to proudly display the artwork in your own private place.

Kristy started her artistic career in Fiji where she successfully created and sold her own Stationary. Then it was off to the Cook Islands where she ran a web design and marketing business and fitted-out resorts with her furniture design and artworks. After an eventful, successful and enjoyable 5 years in the Cook Islands Kristy moved to Perth W A where she proudly opened her first art gallery and assisted other budding artists to start their own careers.

Kristy now resides in the Sunshine Coast where she has enjoyed renovating a 100 year old Queenslander and looking after her 1 year old. Life is fun challenging and changing and Kristy is happy to have this chance to share her pieces with her community.

Jill Harris 2
Jill Harris

Kristy Smith
Kirsty Smith

Shirley Beekhuis 1
Shirley Beekhuis

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May Solo Exhibition – Gunnel Karel

Gunnel is a self-taught artist in oils and acrylics, the granddaughter of renowned artist Lennart Segerstrale, famous for his altar paintings and frescos throughout Finland.

 She takes a special interest in nature, sharing the beauty and tranquility, but also the raw power of the sea in action, which is her favourite subject. 

Living in Noosa Queensland, is inspiring her to paint the beautiful surroundings and have had several successful solo exhibitions.

She has successfully sold her paintings near and far, and is continually taking new commissions.

Different to many other artists, Gunnel has been able to adapt her unique style across various mediums and subject matters, making her artwork refreshingly original.

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Barb McDonald

Barb McDonald’s lively and vibrant abstract images are now on show in the Harbourside Gallery. Her work is also on display on her own page on this website. Check it out 


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Red Cross Auction Exhibition

Fifteen celebrated and incredibly generous artists from the Sunshine Coast have charitably donated works of art for an auction to celebrate the centenary of Red Cross in Australia. These are amazingly bighearted donations from artists who are dependent on the sales of their work for their livelihood include a diverse range of works in all media and sizes, valued between $500 and several thousand dollars. The art will be on display for the entire month of April at the Harbourside Gallery, Noosa Marina, Tewantin and bids will be recorded throughout that period and taken into consideration on the evening of the auction.
Participating artists are Pauline Adair, Kym Barrett, Lew Brennan, Glenise Clelland, Blair Girle, Robin Hines, Helen Lawson, Andrew McGaughy, Don Milner, Pamela Mitchell, Alan Pirie, Chris Postle, Greg Postle, Susan Schmidt and Pam Walpole, all professional artists whose work is recognized nationally.
The event on 26th April will have Rosanna Natoli as emcee and the guest list reads like a Who’s Who from all over the Coast. The 20 piece Davonski Concert Orchestra will welcome the guests and brilliant young saxophonist Darcy Morgan will also entertain the audience.
2014 is the Centenary year for Australian Red Cross and it is being celebrated nationally throughout Australia with events and initiatives to engage local communities and raise awareness of the continuing work of Red Cross today.

Some of the artists whose work will be auctioned:

Andy Pix 2

Andrew McGaughy

Susan Schmidt inset

Susan Schmidt

Alan Pirie beachscape

Alan Pirie, Beachscape

Lew Brennan inset

Lew Brennan

Pauline inset

Pauline Adair

Robin inset

Robin Hines


Resonance, Helen Lawson

Sandbank - Pam Walpole

Sandbank, Pam Walpole

Sunday Morning Pam Mitchell

Sunday Morning, Pam Mitchell

Ultraviolet Greg Postle

Ultraviolet, Greg Postle

Wandering Glenise Clelland

Wandering, Glenise Clelland

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