Kent Smith

My earliest memory was receiving my first box of Crayolas, age 6, ‘the fragrance was totally intoxicating’. It began my life of drawing and painting. The reason I paint is to see a continuance in the art of persuasion. Arriving in Queensland in 1997, I decided to pursue this in earnest and not just be a ‘Sunday Painter’. This meant commitment and some discomfort, because it required prioritising my life and not getting drawn into too much frivolous activity (although some is absolutely necessary). In 1989I married Selma, a budding artist in her own right, who has been totally supportive of my ‘Journey in Art’.

In the course of the last seven years or so, I have explored various genres, styles and techniques and have currently landed myself in Art Nouveau and Deco styles. ‘I love the finesses, and the uniqueness of these periods, even though I never lived through that era; like my grandmother did’. ‘I continually attempt to bring spontaneity and playfulness into my work. This is one of my greatest challenges’.

Kent Smith’s professional background is as Landscape Architect and Urban Planner in Michigan, before taking a position in the ‘80’s with the Min. for Conservation in Melbourne. Throughout his career, he has done extensive site design and architectural graphics for state and local governments as well as for many private clients and architects.

Kent’s highly developed skills in pastels, water colours, pencil and mixed media have resulted in an innovative contemporary style often invoking Art Deco and Art Nouveau themes. His work is generally on large panels in acrylics and mixed media.

He moved to Tewantin with his wife Selma in 1997. His work has been exhibited widely on the Sunshine Coast including Blue Dolphin Gallery in Mooloolaba and Beachside in Hastings Street. Watling’s Gallery exhibited his work on the Gold Coast and in New Farm. He was also exhibited exclusively by Artnuvo Gallery in Buderim for a number of years. In 2001 he produced a technique demonstration article for Artists’ Pallet Magazine.

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