Owen Thomas

Owen started sketching while he was at school and later whilst in outback Queensland.

Most of his working life was spent as a Fisheries and Wildlife Officer in Victoria where he gained a significant appreciation of the sea, boats, the Australian bush and various species of wildlife.

Upon moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2001, Owen started the hobby of watercolour painting, studying under Holly Simpson, well known Noosa Artist and attending various other workshops by renowned watercolour artists from Interstate.

His painting is fluid and expressive with a free and emotional style. He attempts to capture the essence of the subject so that it is immediately recognisable but allows room for the viewer’s own interpretation.

Owen exhibits and displays within the Sunshine Coast and enjoys painting in that area. His paintings of the Noosa River with its boats are well received and in demand.

Here is a selection of Owen’s current work for sale, please contact artists@harboursidegallery.com.au

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A selection of Owen’s watercolours:

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