Ellen Appleby

Ellen is a ceramic artist who works in her studio Based in Noosa in Noosa Heads.

Ellen for RosebedEllen calls herself a bricoleur and says she lays down her artistic path walking, using what comes to hand to find solutions to technical and creative problems. She like to do and play rather than plan. She explores endlessly, calling on intuition, technical memory, training (she has a Diploma of Ceramics from TAFE), research and inspiration from photos, books, people and her environment.

She keeps a website and blog, and has a Facebook page.

Ellen’s Memento – Contemporary Heirlooms series began with her love affair with Cool Ice porcelain clay, beautiful stains from China, and textures from lace and doileys, layered with English decals and lustres. Each vessel is a bricolage of techniques and materials that resonate with her artistic sensibilities and recalls some travel memories and her English heritage.

Current work for sale (click on image to show full details) :

group of bowls 1 for web

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A taste of Ellen’s earlier work:


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