Pam Taylor: A Tribute to Mondrian and More…

Paintings in bright colours are a trademark of Pam Taylor. Her new passion for ceramics came about by default whilst at art school last year. Recovering from shoulder surgery, unable to paint at an easel, Pam began playing with clay, building abstract shaped pots and vases with slabs or coils.

Her bright colours began to transfer to the pots and vases using under-glaze colours painted on the vessels in Mondrian style patterns.

Whilst experimenting with final firing, Pam was exposed to the wonderful world of the Raku kiln, it lent itself to abstraction, as you never know what will happen – it’s end result is serendipity, or a happy surprise !

Pam invites you to come along and see her selection of ceramics, and paintings that complement the work in the 3D gallery.

 The exhibition will be at Harbourside Gallery, Noosa Marina, Tewantin, during the month of August 2014. An opening will be held on Saturday 2nd August at 3pm. 

Pam Taylor 1



About Harbourside Gallery

Is an artist run cooperative gallery in the beautiful location of Noosa Marina on the pristine Noosa River, in the biosphere of Noosa. The gallery shows a diverse range of work by 30 local artists and is run on a voluntary basis.
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