Janet Carew: Temptations – August exhibition

Janet Carew, a painter, working in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland east of Maleny, will be exhibiting a selection of her work at the Harbourside Gallery, Noosa from 1st to 31st August.

Janet’s journey as an artist began with fashion design and continued around life form (human and animal) when she began drawing and painting in acrylics and mixed media around seven years ago.

The theme for her selected works is “Temptations”. With a corporate background in forensic financial investigations, and a keen analyst of human behaviour, she was fascinated to observe the way “temptations” affected peoples choices to defraud. Temptation is a major draw card in our society, and is constantly used in marketing to lure potential customers. Usually defined as something that tempts someone to do something wrong, the idea of temptation often stimulates a feeling of excitement and often the only perception of “wrong doing” is in the eye of the rule setters.

Some of the work in this exhibition features her puppy, “Bellamy”, who delighted in testing lots of little ‘rules’ and it is through her whimsical portrayal of animal behavior in breaking the rules set down by humans that Janet presents a lighter perspective of temptation.

“Art is a Temptation that makes life more Exciting”, Janet says. Other pieces in this exhibition deal with human form and emotion and invite closer inspection and discussion.

Janet will be at the gallery before the opening on 2nd August from 3pm and is looking forward to sharing her stories and insights, so please feel free to attend.



About Harbourside Gallery

Is an artist run cooperative gallery in the beautiful location of Noosa Marina on the pristine Noosa River, in the biosphere of Noosa. The gallery shows a diverse range of work by 30 local artists and is run on a voluntary basis.
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