Kristine Cameron’s “Art is Life expressed”

Kristine Cameron’s “Art is Life expressed” showcases her latest stunning art works of the Sea. Kristine’s passion with colour embodies the impression of communicating with the beach and all its facets.

Some paintings demonstrate the sea and its massive form from an intimate perspective. Others encounter the beach as it transforms itself. Our seascape is constantly changing not only the dunes but the turbulent and powerful ocean.

Kristine’s endless inspiration allows the viewer to participate within the bounds of the canvas.

Colour inspires a powerful emotion. The blue-green affects the deep and the shallow, and the ever changing sand colours emit the passive, calm and sometimes serene. In others it is the deep turbulence and energising aura of the tumultuous waves enhanced by the deep greens and blues.

This exhibition, “Art is Life expressed” is a translation of the seascape as she experiences it. Her paintings encompass both contemporary and traditional styles.

Kristine teaches both adults and children visual creativity from her studio at Marcus Beach. All art work produced from the studio is showcased with an annual exhibition. These have proved very successful in the past and have produced many potential artists.


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