Book Now

An exhibition by the Noosa Paper and Book Group

Visitors to Harbourside Gallery this July are in for a treat as the Noosa Paper and Books group show off their work in an exhibition entitled ‘Book Now’.

For these artists paper and books are not just utilitarian objects for the library, office or the school desk. They turn paper and books into beautiful art objects.

Books take on different forms, unusual shapes and formats, and tell fascinating one-off stories. There will also be plenty of blank, handmade books to become your own unique sketchbooks, journals, or notebooks.

The exhibition will include beautiful handmade papers from plants found in local gardens and bushland that form layers of texture and natural colours. As well as making paper artists from the group also mould, fold, manipulate, and sew paper to make sculptural objects, books, and paper artifacts.

Leader of the group, Di Tait, said: “Paper and books are all around us, but artists can take everyday things and turn them into surprising and interesting artworks. This exhibition is about showing off some of the things we do with paper and books.”

The exhibition ‘Book Now’ is at Harbourside Gallery at the Noosa Marina in Tewantin during the whole of July, with an official opening on Saturday the 5th July at 3pm


Mary Parle with her butterfly book.

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